11 dyr som ikke er til å kjenne igjen uten hår

Er de søtest med eller uten hår? Se bildene og døm selv.

1. Marsvin


2. Bjørner

3. Katter


4. Pinnsvin

5. Pingviner


Happily feather after: The bald baby penguin rejected by its parents who grew a new coat

Thanks to the efforts of keepers at an aquarium in China's Liaoning Province, the five-day old has been reunited with his family. Les hele saken på co.uk

6. Kenguru

Roo look like an alien! Tiny kangaroo abandoned by mother is hand-reared in Germany

The hairless joey - that weighs just half a pount - must be constantly carried close to the body or wrapped up in blanket to keep warm. Les hele saken på co.uk

7. Fugler

8. Kaniner

9. Rotter

(FOTO: Shawna McGregor-King / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0)(FOTO: Shawna McGregor-King / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0)

10. Vombater

11. Hunder